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  • Our company
  • Telocyte focuses on curing Alzheimer’s disease. Telocyte plans to run FDA-sponsored human trials to reverse Alzheimer’s pathology at the cellular level. Currently, there are no effective medical or pharmaceutical interventions for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.


    We have the technology (animal trials have already proven effective), the support, and the clinical experience to begin the first-in-human trials of an effective clinical cure for Alzheimer’s.

  • Our mission
  • Our mission is not to help anyone “live with Alzheimer’s”, but to ensure that all of us can live without Alzheimer’s. Our mission is to cure Alzheimer’s, plain and simple. We intend to save the lives, the minds, and the presence of those who have Alzheimer’s now and to prevent anyone from getting Alzheimer’s in the future.


    Our mission is to bring that future into the present. We are dedicated to helping those who have lost hope and giving hope to those who need it.

  • Our commitment
  • We are committed to a cure, not to finding a symptomatic treatment, nor to finding a way to merely delay Alzheimer’s by a few weeks or months. We are committed to reversing the disease process and to giving patients a return of lost function. We are committed to finding out just how much we can offer our patients.


    Our commitment is founded on experience, knowledge, and hope. We are committed to making lives better and to returning lives that were lost.

Our people

  • Michael Fossel, MD, PhD
  • Founder, President
  • Dr. Fossel is the driving force behind Telocyte and has been the leader in proposing the use of telomerase to treat human disease for the past two decades.
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  • Peter Rayson
  • Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Peter T. Rayson is an experienced industry executive who provides leadership and business acumen for Telocyte.
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  • Mark Hodges
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Mark Hodges is an experienced technology executive who provides effective and inspiring leadership for all Telocyte programs and services
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Scientific Advisory Board

Russell Swerdlow, MD
Director of Alzheimer's Disease Center
Professor of Neurology, University of Kansas
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Suzanne Hendrix, PhD
President, Pentara Corporation
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Mimoun Azzouz, PhD
Chair Translational Neuroscience University of Sheffield, UK
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Joseph Araujo, PhD
CEO and President, InterVivo Solutions
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Zaven Khachaturian, PhD
President PAD2020
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