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Phacilitate Investment Report

This industry report, citing Telocyte, notes that “there is little doubt of the role gene therapies will play in the future of medicine… The advanced therapy sector is a rapidly growing industry which offers substantial opportunities for return on investment (ROI)."

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  • Newsletter Q1 2019
  • Telocyte focuses on Alzheimer’s disease. Once we have engaged in our phase 1 FDA trial, currently slated for 2020, we plan to engage with other age-related diseases...

  • Newsletter Q4 2018
  • The field of Alzheimer’s research remains frustratingly unchanged, characterized by frequent claims of research breakthroughs, followed by predictable clinical failures.

  • PLOS Genetics
  • This article in PLOS Genetics shows that telomerase activation using AAV9 vectors and telomerase gene is not necessarily associated with increased cancer risk and supports the safety of AAV-mediated telomerase activation as an innovative treatment for age-related disease.