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Published in the pre-eminent scientific journal EMBO, this article demonstrated the efficacy of telomerase therapy in treating aging in animals, without any evidence of side effects.

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  • Newsletter Q4 2018
  • The field of Alzheimer’s research remains frustratingly unchanged, characterized by frequent claims of research breakthroughs, followed by predictable clinical failures.

  • PLOS Genetics
  • This article in PLOS Genetics shows that telomerase activation using AAV9 vectors and telomerase gene is not necessarily associated with increased cancer risk and supports the safety of AAV-mediated telomerase activation as an innovative treatment for age-related disease.

  • Phacilitate Investment Report
  • This industry report, citing Telocyte, notes that “there is little doubt of the role gene therapies will play in the future of medicine… The advanced therapy sector is a rapidly growing industry which offers substantial opportunities for return on investment (ROI)."