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  • The Telomerase Revolution
  • Michael Fossel, MD, PhD
    BenBella Books, 2015
  • Meant for the general public, this book describes what we know about aging—and how to prevent and reverse age-related diseases using telomerase therapy. It takes the reader “to the front lines of the upcoming revolution in medicine” and gives us “a detailed but highly accessible scientific journey, providing startling insights into the nature of human aging". The Telomerase Revolution is the complete work on the latest science on human aging, covering both the theory and the clinical implications. 

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  • Cells, Aging, and Human Disease
  • Michael Fossel, MD, PhD
    Oxford University Press, 2004
  • Cells, Aging, and Human Disease (Oxford University Press) is the first textbook to explore aging all the way from genes to clinical application, analyzing the fundamental cellular changes which underlie human age-related disease.
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