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Investor sponsored research

Current investors are underwriting FDA-sponsored phase 0 through phase 2 human trials of telomerase therapy as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Although the current animal data is remarkable, the FDA may well require that we demonstrate additional safety trials before permitting first-in-human trials. This phase (0) typically requires that we treat animal models, such as mice or dogs, to support the ethical use of telomerase therapy in human trials. Phase 1 human trials (to look at safety parameters in humans) will follow immediately, once the FDA grants an IND permit. Phase 2 trials (to look at dosage parameters in humans) will follow thereafter. Based on current animal data, we anticipate that our human trials will be clear in demonstrating the efficacy of telomerase therapy in human volunteers. Investor money is not aimed at pure science, but aimed directly at clinical trials. Our aim is to provide the most efficient route to human trials and to the commercial use of the most effective single point of intervention in Alzheimer’s disease.