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Alzheimer's Therapy

Age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, are ultimately caused by cell aging. In the case of Alzheimer’s disease, microglial cells age over time and trigger a cascade of pathology. The microglia support neurons metabolically. As microglial cells divide over time, their telomeres shorten and gene expression shifts. Microglia increasingly dysfunctional; they are increasingly unable to deal with Beta-amyloid, tau proteins, and other molecules that require clearance. The result is not only the accumulation of amyloid plaque and the growth of tau tangles, but a gradual loss of neurons as Alzheimer’s becomes a personal tragedy and – until now – a clinical enigma.


With the advent of telomerase therapy, however, we can reset microglial gene expression, allowing them to clear the proteins that define the pathology, and reversing the pathology before it can progress. Never before has any therapy offered the potential to not only prevent, but possibly reverse Alzheimer’s disease. In animal trials, we can not only prevent, but reverse CNS dysfunction. Human trials will involve an injection of the telomerase gene, which will function temporarily, then become inactive. Before becoming inactive, however, it will relengthen telomeres within the microglia and reset gene expression. We anticipate that the initial treatment will require 2-3 injections over a period of a few weeks.