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Zaven Khachaturian, PhD

President PAD2020

Dr. Zaven Khachaturian is the Senior Science Advisor to the Alzheimer’s Association, Editor-in-Chief of Alzheimer’s & Dementia (the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association) as well as President of The Campaign to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease by 2020 (PAD2020). He was the chief architect of the extramural research programs on “Brain aging and Alzheimer’s Disease” supported by the NIA/NIH from 1977-1995, then worked with national and international advocacy organizations, governments, and universities on strategic planning, development, and financing signature research programs on brain aging and dementia. His primary scientific contributions include a broad-spectrum approach to integrate basic research, public health research, public policy formulation and bioinformatics to solve the diseases associated with brain aging. As a planner and developer of research programs, he has identified the most important scientific challenges confronting the field, assembled the best research teams to solve these problems, and has developed innovative solutions and resources to enable for rapid breakthroughs.  He  is the best recruiter of scientific talent for the field of Alzheimer’s research and has mentored countless investigators worldwide including many of key opinion leaders in aging-dementia research. He continues to coordinate researchers from a wide spectrum of approaches. His major scientific achievements also include the earliest diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease and the calcium hypothesis.  He trained in neurophysiology at Yale (BA), Case Western (PhD) and Columbia (Postdoc).

  • Michael Fossel, MD, PhD

    Founder, President

  • Peter Rayson

    Founder, Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark Hodges

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Russell Swerdlow, MD

    Director of Alzheimer's Diease Center. Professor of Neurology, University of Kansas

  • Suzanne Hendrix, PhD

    President, Pentara Corporation Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Mimoun Azzouz, PhD

    Chair Translational Neuroscience University of Sheffield, UK

  • Joseph Araujo

    CEO and President, InterVivo Solutions